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Q: Is shipping free?

A: Yes.



Q: Should I order simplified or traditional Chinese?

A: Try to find out where your Chinese patients and community members come from.

  • If they are from mainland China, they will read simplified Chinese.
  • If they are from Taiwan or Hong Kong, they will likely read traditional Chinese.

If you have a diverse population or are not sure, order both simplified and traditional Chinese materials.

If you are not sure and would like to insert one type of promo material into member mailings (for example), order traditional Chinese materials.



Q: Who can order materials from this site?

A: Any clinic, organization or individual who wants to help Asian populations quit smoking may order.




Q: How do I access ASQ services?

A: You can call us or enroll online:

Chinese line: (800) 838-8917              www.asq-chinese.org
Korean line: (800) 556-5564                www.asq-korean.org
Vietnamese line: (800) 778-8440        www.asq-viet.org



Q: Who funds the Asian Smokers' Quitline?

A: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides 100% of ASQ's funding.



Q: Can providers refer patients to ASQ?

A: Yes. Clinics and community groups may refer smokers to ASQ.  

Contact us to learn how.



Q: When is ASQ open?

A: We are open 7am - 9pm PT (10am - midnight ET).



Q: Is there a maximum quantity of materials we may order?

A: Up to 200.  If you need more, contact us!


Q: How do I translate "Asian Smokers' Quitline" into Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese?

A: We always keep "Asian Smokers' Quitline" and "ASQ" in English, but have specific names for each Asian language quitline:

  • Chinese: ASQ 《華語戒煙專線》 / ASQ 《华语戒烟专线》

  • Korean: 한인금연센터 (ASQ)

  • Vietnamese: ASQ Trung Tâm Cai Thuốc Lá Dành Cho Người Việt


Each of these individual Asian language lines are operated by the Asian Smokers' Quitline.



Q: What if I don't have an email address?  (Required field for orders)

A: Contact us for help.